Spring School “Lake Como Spring School Children and Social Justice” – 12-15 aprile

Su richiesta delle prof.sse Elisabetta Biffi e Francesca Antonacci, segnaliamo la Spring School “Lake Como Spring School Children and Social Justice”.
The Lake Como Spring School Children and Social Justice is organized by the Ph.D. Program Education in the Contemporary Society, “Riccardo Massa” Department of Human Sciences for Education, University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy), within the framework of the Education for Social Justice E4SJ Project, which is a research project carried out by an interdisciplinary group of scholars and researchers from the “Riccardo Massa” Department of Human Sciences for Education, funded by the University of Milano-Bicocca.
The Children and Social Justice Lake Como Spring School will offer an international and interdisciplinary training programme for Ph.D. students with the aim to support and enhance knowledge exchange opportunities and methodological discussion on the contribution of educational research to the debate on children and social justice.
The themes the school will address are:

  1. The role of children within Social Justice theories: what role does childhood play in the main theories of Social Justice and what reflections are needed to rethink it?
  2. Children education and Social Justice: which possible connections are there between the Education of children and Social Justice? How does education promote the development of a more just society? Which kind of education to Social Justice?
  3. Focus on the educational contexts for children: which educational research?
  4. Sustainability, Education and Social Justice: what spaces for children?

The school will run in parallel with two classes, one in presence (16 participants) and one remotely (16 participants). Both classes will be divided into 2/4 groups. The lectures will be delivered in streaming and methodological workshops will run in parallel (one for those in presence and one for those online).
In case of the impossibility to deliver the event in presence, the event will be held completely in remote.
Important dates:

  • The school will be held: 12-15.04.2021
  • Application open until: 20.02.2021
  • Notification of acceptance: 10.03.2021
  • Registration until: 17.03.2021

Per maggiori informazioni: https://chsj.lakecomoschool.org