Webinar “The symbiotic child. Rethinking the vegetal through children’s literature” – 8-9 aprile

Su richiesta della prof.ssa Marnie Campagnaro, segnaliamo il webinar “The symbiotic child. Rethinking the vegetal through children’s literature”
Il webinar, organizzato dall’Università degli Studi di Padova, si terrà dal 08.04.2021 al 09.04.2021 dalle ore 09.00 alle ore 13.00 tramite piattaforma Zoom.
We are delighted to present the programme of the 6th International online Seminar “New Directions in Children’s Literature Research” entitled “The Symbiotic Child. Rethinking the Vegetal through Children’s Literature”. Much has been said about the importance for children to be aware of, respect, appreciate and comprehend the subjectivity of another. From this perspective, animals and nature play an important role because children seem to be able to quickly develop a deep and long-term intimate association with other species. Although the exposure of children to nature through books has been declining in many ways, representations of symbiotic interactions between children and other species are quite common in children’s literature. However, contemporary research emphasises that there has been a shift in children’s books towards a more innovative eco-evolutionary approach. The aim of this conference is to investigate the shift that has occurred in both children’s fiction and nonfiction and to explore some research paths with scholars and authors that can help to expand children’s literature horizons and environmental awareness.