Seminario “New insights in the history of children’s literature” – 14 e 16 dicembre, Padova

Su richiesta dei Proff. Giuseppe Zago e Prof.ssa Marnie Campagnaro, segnaliamo il seminario “New insights in the history of children’s literature”.
Il seminario si terrà in data 14.12.2019 e in data 16.12.2019 dalle ore 09.30 alle ore 13.30 a Padova, presso il Dipartimento Fisppa dell’Università degli Studi di Padova (via Beato Pellegrino, 28).
The International Seminar focuses on essential authors, moments and documents in classics and fairy-tale history, investigating how we gain unique perspectives on cultural history through reading them. Encouraging teachers, educators and students to approach classics and fairy tales critically, either through well-established lenses or newer ways of thinking, enables them to engage actively with material that can otherwise seem over-familiar.