Eventi EERA “Reconnecting EERA” – 23-28 agosto 2020

Su richiesta della proff.ssa Elisabetta Biffi, segnaliamo la settimana di eventi on line prevista dalla EERA, in sostituzione del consueto evento scientifico “Reconnecting EERA”.
As part of its ongoing commitment to providing opportunities for educational researchers throughout Europe and beyond to share their work, ideas and experiences, EERA is organising a week of online events in August 2020. At the centre of the ‘Reconnecting EERA’ week will be a series of recorded presentations by the ECER 2020 keynote speakers. These will be streamed throughout the week and on Friday a live Keynote Panel discussion hosted by the EERA President and including all participating keynote speakers will be held. Some EERA Networks will host events.
Per maggiori informazioni: https://eera-ecer.de/ecer-2020-glasgow/reconnecting-eera-23-28-august-online/