Conferenza europea “ATEE Spring Conference 2020” – 20-22 maggio 2020, Firenze

Su richiesta della Prof.ssa Maria Ranieri, segnaliamo la conferenza europea “ATEE Spring Conference 2020”.
La conferenza si terrà dal 20.05.2020 al 22.05.2020 a Firenze, presso l’Università degli Studi di Firenze.
From May 20th to 22nd, the University of Florence will host the ATEE Spring Conference 2020. As a main theme, the Conference will take a critical perspective on the role of digital technology and media in teacher education by framing the relationship between technology/media and education in the light of the ever-increasing social inequalities. From this standpoint the Conference will focus on the new challenges and growing demands on education system committed to addressing all forms of disparities in access, participation and learning outcomes, social exclusion and discrimination. A critical approach to the understanding of the implications of technological developments for education is particularly significant in a world dominated by algorithms that are increasingly regulating the extent to which people do or do not participate in the social life. The central focus of this conference is the relevance of these critical perspectives and approaches in the field of teacher education’s research and practice.
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