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Conference “PEA. Pedagogy Ecology Arts” – 8-9 settembre, Merano (Bolzano)

Conference “PEA. Pedagogy Ecology Arts” – 8-9 settembre, Merano (Bolzano)

Su richiesta dei proff. Denis Francesconi e Evi Agostini, segnaliamo il Convegno “PEA. Pedagogy Ecology Arts”.
Il Convegno si terrà dal 08.09.2023 al 09.09.2023 presso l’Italian-German Academy of Studies (Via Innerhofer Franz 1, Merano).
The conference will be held in three languages (English, German and Italian). It is organised as a convivial space and will bring together research and practice on dialogical forms of learning, particularly between the German-speaking and Italian-speaking areas, but it is also open to international and intercultural experiences. PEA explores pedagogy in an ecological dimension as a connection between people, theory and practice, consciousness and living environment, in which the arts can initiate an effective synthesis. The three topics on which the conference is built are:

  • Pedagogy: learning is the focus of the conference, especially education in its inclusive, empowering and developmental sense.
    Ecology: ecological thinking – linking experiences, lives and systems (places, institutions, classrooms…) – underlies the organisation of education in a systemic perspective
  • Arts: a qualitative enquiry that incorporates artistic processes and experiential dimensions as well as creativity into the approach is preferred to understand and articulate the inter-subjectivity of human experience.

This year, the PEA conference focuses on the concept of polis.
The main question we will address together is: how can polis be imagined, perceived, constructed and lived in an educational relationship and environment? Polis is to be understood in a very broad sense that sets the framework for shared reflection: living together in a complex world and society where all differences can find a way to coexist, conviviality, politics and active citizenship, as well as personal and shared responsibility arising from the common good. To define and construct polis, ecology and arts-based research can provide a framework in which individual and collective learning as well as specific contexts are interrelated as a system.
The keynotes will help to characterise the concept of polis in its various – and also desirable – forms within the PEA orientation framework.
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